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sports brand PONY, recently held in Shanghai on the theme of "Adorable movement" new spring and summer conference. On the day of the event, he was known for his role in the hit drama "love apartment" and "CHINO Lan", and Liu Mengmeng joined hands to showcase and release the upcoming new series. PONY brand rich color and gorgeous fashion design has always been one of her favorite sports brands. Among them, PONY, MISSY, sister shoes are also the most fashionable women who are most suitable for love, movement and love. - G - weekly trend went to the Xianke weekly time this week, continue for you to sort out points within 7 days of review should not be ignored. Just last week, Supreme chat soon in New York? Brooklyn to o cheap jordan shoes for men pen new stores and announced new qualified Box Logo T-shirt, but I do not know the west coast in Losangeles stores, but out of the event. The official Supreme closed LA Fairfax stores without warning, even the signs have completely disappeared, a time angered many fans on the Internet all kinds of suspicions, improper operation? Exit LA? Do you think Supreme LA shop to go? It might be your opinion written in the message to share with us! new LA in the so-called "tide Shop Street", about 80% people really? Isn't it because Supreme go? In just exposed the upcoming? Brooklyn opened a new store shortly after, Supreme LA stores are closed without warning. Of course, not temporarily closed shop, but the signs are cheap jordans for sale mens that off. For many recent friends who wanted to go to the consumer is definitely regarded as a bad blow, but although in? Fairfax stores closed, does not mean that Supreme will exit LA. According to hearsay, Supreme is preparing to LA looking for new store openings, although I do not know whether it is true, but I hope you can as soon as possible opened so far in the west coast of friends can ease some! There are also not to be missed: - iPhone 8 Home or will use the virtual keys can be hidden - Kanye West and Kid Cudi came to work with Murakami Takashi - KITH x Coca-Cola joint, and shall not sell the glass bottles of coke new shoes Over the past year review of , all kinds of large and small joint sh Cheap air jordan 12 ovo oes we see and a lot of non popular shoe joint is also considerable, but ask the nearest "God shoes" is what? It must be 1? HyperAdapt, many people may not feel convinced why not Yeezy Boost 350 V2, the author.Air Jordan 11 IE Low "White/Cobalt" will be engraved on August 1st officially return to white leather shoes as the main body, the dress is still eye-catching burst crack, tongue Jumpman Logo and sole injection blue dotted details. The dexterity of the IE version, as well as the multielement fusion, gives it a full view.from "thirty-two" to "twenty-two" I believe we have been released in the comfort women documentary "twenty-two" scraper. This is probably the most consistent over Xu I have seen the movie, everyone is so Retro jordans for sale subtitles end go, it is respect for the history, respect for life. Peace, not to forget the most, it is history. Not enough time to see "twenty-two" friends can recommend you read "thirty-two" is also directed by Guo Ke's "comfort women" documentary in June 2012, director Guo Ke accidentally saw an article in micro-blog "Chinese comfort women gave birth to a Japanese children's story. Guo Ke was touched by the story of the old man, then through a friend, linked to the "China professor and director of research center of the comfort women issue" Su Zhiliang. In the support and help of Professor Guo Ke, soon found in the remote village of Guangxi Wei Shaolan. The old house, simple life, a zhibuqiyao, a man guarding the old man's cheap jordans for sale son. The first to see the old man, Guo Kirton feel more sympathy. In the next six months, the three time he went to Guangxi to take care of the life of the elderly, to accompany her to eat, homely. Gradually, Guo Ke found himself on the old man with the heart of the first "compassion" is a kind of narrow feelings. although Wei Shaolan was tortured during the war, after the war can not escape from poverty and cast off, more than 90 years old still endured the pain, washing vegetables, chickens, but in the seemingly boundless ocean of life, she was able to laugh and sing folk songs, Thanksgiving society, "Zhichou no worries about the short life of the poor". Wei Shaolan strong life will deeply touched Guo Ke, he was determin Retro jordans for sale ed to take the story of Wei Shaolan shot down, the old man will be a powerful spiritual force to the audience, but also let this generation retain the history of the story. In December 2012 the full support of producer Chen Weixiong, the film, shooting smoothly. Because at that time the country remaining 32 comfort women survivors, so the title is "thirty-two". to start shooting in 2014 "twenty-two" when the mainland is only 22 Chinese surviving "comfort women" when history can remember in the next game fewer and fewer people, up to now the release of the film, only 8 elderly people. The director said, when every old man died, he would give the elderly at the end of the movie with the name of a box, the old man go too fast, Cheap air jordans for sale he even framed. It can be said that "twenty-two" is a continuation of "thirty-two" on the emotion, want to care for this group really go through film way into the period of history and better. People in this life will die three times, the first stop is the pulse, the second is to buy the grave, third is everyone forget him. Not everyone can go to the cinema to support this movie, but the history of each of us can not forget. Time to go too fast, soon we forget that we have not experienced suffering but never lost to everyone in the world can be gentle with Xu and the world love will come in June this year to commemorate the champions, MJ the last championship, selective set to Jordan 13 and Air Air Jordan 14, the "Last Shot cheap jordans online " is the last shot of the classic review! The Air Jordan 13 using platinum luxurious dress to show people, white shoe body makeup Dian golden glory extraordinary details! In a sense, the famous AJ13 holographic leopard eye also hidden mystery! The classic Jumpman Logo into a "trapeze signs last shot" in appearance, in addition to the number 98 there to highlight a classic battle. Another Air Jordan 14 in black leather with high quality throughout the body! The iconic shield Logo and sole stabilizer in gilt decoration, the overall low-key atmosphere, their dazzling performance, echoing the theme of championship glory! listed in June, in addition to a separate version will be $$250 per pair for sale, to the "tactical Jack cheap foamposites son" last shot for a special suit to create inspiration, will also debut! Although no relevant price release, believe that as the date draws near, more information will emerge! gorgeous texture, winner of the performance, I am afraid the classic feelings in any case will become in June the focus of most attention boutique, you AJ fans can be prepared in advance! Air Jordan 13 "DMP" number: 414571-135 release date: June 2017 sale price: $$250 Air Jordan 14 "DMP" number: 487471-022if not the fairy's tears, how can the Qinghai Lake so beautiful? Each year the Qinghai Lake blue sky and white clouds, blue, yellow, attracting visitors from all sides. Lake cycling is the broad loving travel by bike riding friends life tra Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping vel single essential, Lake cycling needs to do to prepare? We will in this paper on ring Qinghai Lake cycling Raiders, for reference and integration the predecessors' experience. If riders found inappropriate, please correct me. Qinghai Lake, about 150km from Xining, an average of 3197 meters above sea level. Its circumference of 360km, an area of 4583 square kilometers, is the largest salt lake in china. Lake via Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, is excellent road of the high grade highway (similar to Beijing Changan Avenue) in this area travel no altitude reaction. attractions: Lake and the surrounding the main attractions for the Riyue mountain, river, Lake Mu Gou rock, rubber hill, tea card Salt Lake, tea card temple, Fuai City, bird island, sea heart mountain, North Xiangyang City, happen the Bu Jiyan painting, GA Sea city, gold and silver beach prairie, atomic West Sea town, sand island, sea county Sanjiaocheng. Qinghai Lake's best travel time: the best time to rape: 7, August is Qinghai Lake is the most beautiful time, Lake acres of canola flowers bloom, the boundless expanse of blue water blue peripheral walking golden bright yellow, and alpine pastures of colorful flowers, such as silk brocade, countless cattle and sheep ticket fat body strong. Although it is in the hottest 7, August, the daily average temperature is only about 15 degrees, the body is very comfortable. Love to watch the game you can also see the lake race. The race started from 2002 7 to August each year, held in Qinghai province. Approved by the International Cycling Union, the tour of Qinghai Lake 2.HC is Asia's top events, but also the world's highest international road cycling race. After the tour, Italy tour, ring ring race occupation tour of spain. Match circuit design to the vast blue waves, a bird wing like clouds of Qinghai Lake as the center and to the surrounding area extension along the magnificent magnificent natural scenery, beautiful and charming. ring Qinghai Lake riding the best time: 5-10 month is the best time to ride Qinghai Lake, in order to avoid a large number of people, it is recommended to choose 5-6 months or 9-10 months to ride. Qinghai lake bird watching the best time: April is the best time to Qinghai lake bird watching. This is the bird island in Qinghai Lake birds most of the time, although still a little cool days. travel: a lot of time, the road is to be able to deliberately go long, but if you do not have too much time, then you can only choose boutique tour. Qinghai Lake is the Tibetan Plateau Lakes Lake, the best in the clockwise direction riding, with a better feel for the local ethnic and religious atmosphere, the boutique travel time for four days. DAY1: West Town, Golden Bay, East Lake - Qinghai Lake fisheries base ----151 sheep breeding farm. 76KM. is the former West town of atomic 〉

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