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with "born to run", "running, how to run? "And other books listed, the sole idea in running community Wei trend, many running friends eager, especially those used by foot along the runner, began to try running barefoot, wearing thin soled shoes to run way to see if changing the foot falls place, whether it is true of such as mentioned in the book so magical, can make running pain without medication; the big sh cheap jordans for sale mens oe factory also launched barefoot shoes, emphasizing change heel landing and make the runner can use the soles of his feet and ran. strange is that a lot of people to the soles of the feet to run for a period of time after, but become tight calf and Achilles tendon pain, even is plantar fasciitis, is also very awkward posture, like pace becomes small and short. Originally the problem did not solve the problem cheap jordans online , but also a lot of new problems come out. actually, foot on the ground, or heel first landing good? things I'm afraid not just feet landing sites so simple, you can try, walking with their feet go is what kind of situation? You will find full of resistance, feet like on the brakes. If the on your toes? The body seems to be leaning forward, to move down, the pace has become small and short. the two phenomena Retro jordans for sale is the foot sole and the heel landing the main difference and the partial toe, the body center of gravity will be more forward, closer to the heel, the body center of gravity will be back to the more. In running, but also consider the leg action, when your legs to lift up, the center of gravity of the body relative is in the back of the leg, then if place drop foot and put it on the heel, equal to from the leg Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping to the foot landing is the body center of gravity fell on legs, resulting in a braking effect. Run knee discomfort in addition to strength is not enough, common cause is brake effect, resulting in running process of knee will continue to absorb the feet of attack and "impact, but also support from" follow-up "weight, before and after the attack, the burden is overweight, long easy to be injured. if in or be Cheap air jordan 12 ovo fore the soles of the feet landing, center of gravity of the body and feet into a straight line, coupled with the sole homeopathic PA (paw back and hip and leg muscles backwards with the action, the ground resistance conversion for propulsive force, promote the body forward. Then from on the one hand, the impact of the ground to be converted, on the other hand is absorbing the calf muscles, so early in the fir cheap jordans for sale st foot of running friends, often leads to the appearance of leg stiffness and pain, is because not accustomed to such running, the calf muscles are not used to relationship. you might ask: "why? Look at the pictures of the world's top players, many of them seem to be on the heel of the ground ah? Why don't they foot? and decide to run fast and slow has two factors: stride length and stride legs conversion fa Retro jordans for sale st, forward many times; every step, forward long distance to run fast, of course, is many and long best. Top players stride frequency and core muscle group has been training quite complete, so if the stride stride, every step forward to tens of centimeters, with every minute about 180 or so high frequency, enhance the speed will have great influence. 〉 Jordan Brand Michael Jordan to the classic "Be Lik Cheap air jordans for sale e Mike" Gatorade ads for inspiration to create Air Jordan 6 " Gatorade" complete exposure of the whole shoe with orange nubuck leather shoe body and a white leather stitching, Gatorade green dotted JUMPMAN, shoe buckle and other details, and then the inside of the tongue " If I Could Be" words to echo the theme of a small figure, thought it was " carmine " faded ~ is expected to be on sale in October, the numb cheap jordan shoes for men er of 384664-145 of the Adidas Top Ten a trendsetter Hi not unfamiliar, the past two years the shoes in different other color appears in public sight. But before the style is definitely not comparable to this "butterfly knot" features. Adhere to the Top Ten style, thick tongue still appear in the new. Apart from the eye-catching bow tie, black leather shoes and white three slashes are also one of the feature cheap foamposites s of this shoe. Like friends, you can pay more attention. although this year is AJ6 engraved on the eve of the spring. However, there are still a variety of Ferrari styling with the air jordan 14 came to upstage. In addition to this Friday is about to usher in Leigong color of the air jordan 14 & quot; Thunder" the sale outside, there are a variety of AJ14 soon started offering. The package includes the color of black, gray and red Ferrari and a specially designed for women to create GS Black Powder version. /〉〈/brNBA is about to start performing in Africa, divided into the African team and the world team, including the world team's Paul Chris in a few days ago to play the game in the exposure of the ninth generation of the suspected shoe. Shoes Jordan CP3.VIII of AE in the uppers are very similar to the seems to be in both uppers are covered by a layer of screen cloth and Suo set system seems to be flight web, but this pair of shoes and CP3 series of shoes are most similar to the place is heel cushion design helps to Zoar tuning feet, also have very good protective effect to the ankle. in the shoe section of the color, perhaps in the shoe section can have more different creative play, and in performance, do not know how the configuration of this shoe will be very exciting. get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! /〉

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